About Us
Rreth Trade Services Group L.L.C.

It is an online sales platform, created by Trade Services Group L.L.C. It is an online store specializing in the sale of the latest technology and at the same time second hand technology.

TSG LLC is a company dating back to 2007, where it has the task of maintaining, servicing and selling information technology products, as it continues today with different brands and at cheaper prices in the market, of new and new products. used, both retail and wholesale

Where is TSG LLC?
TSG LLC is a physical store and as such owns an online store. For customer correctness, we have the showroom, so customers can also physically view their products.

How can I contact TSG LLC?
To be closer to you, we have done some ways to contact you. Therefore, from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 19:00.

– Via mobile (Viber and Whatsapp): +383 45 999 181.
– Via email: support@tsg-ks.com
– Via Facebook: facebook.com/tsgonlinestore
– Via Instagram: instagram.com/tsg_ks
– Via Twitter: twitter.com/trade_tsg


What are the payment methods?

To make your payments easier, several payment methods are offered for the desired products.

  • – Through bank cards (from each bank)
  • – Through PayPal
  • – Bank transfers
  • – Installment payment from BKT (Primary card/Karta primare).

Payments are made with all types of bank cards (credit or debit cards) of all banks in Kosovo, as well as international payments.

Can I do installment payments?

Installment payments can be made through BKT bank with its credit (non-debit) card, where you can buy the product you want in up to 6 interest-free installments.

Is there a discount if more than one product is offered?

If you buy more than one product the prices become cheaper. But from time to time there are discount offers for all products.

Are there customs and taxes included in the price?

Customs and taxes are included in the price. Which means that the amount you pay is the final price for each product.

Does it cost cheaper to buy the product from the site or in the store?

The price of the product varies in this case. If the product is purchased from the website, the products are cheaper, if they are purchased in the showroom the prices are more expensive.

Free Shipping

We ship your products within 24 hours

100% Money back guarantee

100% Money back guarantee, if there is a mistake while purchasing

Online support - 9:00 në 19:00

We support you on business days, from 9 to 19:00