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GP AAA LR03 ULTRA Alcaline

GP AAA LR03 ULTRA Alcaline * 2 Battery (24AU-U2)

has an increased capacity and is ideal for devices with high power consumption – cameras, MP3 and CD players, children’s toys, flashlights, etc. It will provide you with high quality and affordable price.

GP Ultra Alkaline batteries are specifically designed for the most popular electronic devices. These batteries work for a long time and show excellent results in all devices powered by batteries. Features: extended uptime. Available in all popular sizes. Long shelf life (up to 7 years).


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GP AAA LR03 ULTRA Alcaline * 2 Specifications

Manufacturer GP
Model AAA LR03 ULTRA Alcaline * 2
vendor code 24AU-U2
The form cylindrical
Standard size AAA (R03,286)
Electrochemical system alkaline-alkaline (L)
Voltage 1.5 V
Amount in a package 2 pcs
Series Ultra alkaline


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